Xandra the Bitch

Oh dear, what IS a girl to do?

I am wont at times to go and have a look at other crossdressers online.  I really admire the way some of them can be so very convincing as women.  I tend to avoid the sleazier shots, because they are, well, sleazy.  I also find that the guys in such shots are not really crossdressers but just ridiculous men in women’s clothes.  Please dears, if you are going to crossdress, make an effort.  Have a shave at least, sheesh!

So anyway, I was trawling through photos on Flickr and I came across a drop-dead gorgeous shot of a crossdresser.  Oh this girl had it all.  It was a cheeky shot with one leg up, showing her stockings, but not salacious.  This girl was wearing stockings, pretty pink skirt, black off-the-shoulder top, and a black choker.  With her jet black bob hairdo, her slender feminine arms and legs and perfect make-up and good looks, she looked exactly the part.

Then it happened – the green-eyed monster crept in.

I was talking to my girl about her, and I started criticising.  I noticed the red marks on her legs, perhaps nicks from shaving them, and stated if you looked closely enough, her make-up wasn’t completely covering her five-o’clock shadow.

It was nothing but pure jealousy, I know it, and evidently something I am going to have to keep check of in the future.  Sorry Loves, I can be such a BITCH at times.


Xandra xxxx


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