Being Transgender is not a Crime – except in Scotland

Okay darlings, Xandra needs your help here.

There is an insidious law in Scotland which states that a transgender person who undergoes gender reassignment (that’s a sex change, sweetie) surgery and does not inform sexual partners of that surgery can face being charged, convicted and imprisoned for that act.

I was completely unaware of this law until today.  The law, as ever, is an ass (and unlike mine, not a very pretty one either).  It follows the case of one man, born female, who was convicted of “Obtaining sexual intimacy by Fraud” because he did not divulge his past to two female sexual partners. 

Without a doubt the young man in question was in the wrong in not being open with his partners but I fail to see where it is the business of the state, far less the judiciary, to be involved in the sexual and gender history of any individual.  It is a gross invasion fo the privacy of the individual.  It is also an unnecessary law which takes up the already pushed time and resources of the Scots judiciary.

Anyone reading this please be so sweet as to sign the petition on behalf of Scottish Transgender Alliance, calling for the Scottish Crown Office and the Procurator Fiscal’s Office to respect the privacy of transgender people.

Thank you darlings. xxx

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