Training Skirts takes on a New Meaning?


Darlings, I just love this story I found recently.

Train drivers on the Roslagsbanan train service in Stockholm, Sweden, have been complaining that the heat in the driving cabs in their trains can reach up to 95º Fahrenheit / 35º Centigrade in summer and things have been rather uncomfortable in recent hot weather.

The operating company, Arriva, have stated that shorts cannot be worn as they contravene the company’s uniform code.  The same code however, states that long trousers or skirts are acceptable dress, but do not stipulate gender.  Male train drivers have therefore taken to wearing skirts, which they find much cooler.

Silly boys.  I could have told you that a long time ago.

The company has given this move its blessing.  They cannot complain as to do so would be discriminatory.

And quite right too.  Surely it’s the drivers right to choo-choose?

Sorry darlings, little Xandra does so love her bad puns.

One thought on “Training Skirts takes on a New Meaning?

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