Girl in the Mirror

Just exactly who are you,
girl in the mirror?

I know you have come far,
but at times I wonder,
just who you are.

I know that I
have done you wrong;
cursed you, abused you,
ignored you too long.

But you were determined
to be here and let me see
you need to exist
and how I need
to let you be.

In the end, you won;
let me see the beauty
of that lovely face;
your style and flair,
and your feminine grace.

And so you are here,
and here to stay.
No more can I ever
send you away.
Nor can I shun you,
or make you vanish.
Pretend you don’t exist
or claim you are banished.

Yet sometimes I wonder,
how you came to be?
And am I you,
or are you me?

I only know
I need you here now
and you need never more roam.

Girl in the mirror,
welcome home.

© Xandra Durward, 2013.


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