Just Because He Breathes

I read this blog recently and it touched me to my very core.

It concerns a young man, Ryan, brought up in a Christian family who came out as gay.  It is about his struggles with his sexuality, pressures within his family, his decline into addiction and ultimately his untimely death.

His mother, Linda Robertson, has very bravely outlayed Ryan’s story in this blog.  She remains a committed Christian and talks of her fears for son and her concerns at how she could have done things differently.

Although an atheist myself, my heart goes out to her.  Linda is first and foremost a human being and one who lost her son.  As I lost my eldest sister to alcoholism, I know all too well the damage which addiction does and, once the one you love is gone, of the guilt you feel and how you constantly wonder if you could have done things differently.

Before anyone judges too harshly when reading her story therefore, remember that Linda Robertson too is a human being, capable of making mistakes just like we all are, and sorely in need of the compassion each and every one of us deserves.


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