Possibly going elsewhere



So dears, for a little while now I have been encountering a problem here on WordPress.  I have been finding myself unable to like or comment on some posts.  Even here on my own account.  I get the message that the browser reset.

This happens only on WordPress and frankly I am getting tired of it.  So tired that I am thinking of closing my account and starting a new one on another blogging site.

Is anyone else having the same problems?  Does anyone know of any fixes?

I know I’ve gained a few followers, and I would like to think friends here.  I would hate to leave.  But if I do, I’ll keep you all updated and let you know where my new account can be found.

6 thoughts on “Possibly going elsewhere

  1. This happened to me the other day and I had to log out of WordPress and log back in. Don’t know if it will help you or not, just a thought.

    • I’ve tried that Kira and to no effect. It obviously is a WordPress problem as I have a number of blogging accounts on various sites and this is the only one where I have encountered problems. Thanks anyway.

      • Sorry I couldn’t help. I have noticed WP have a number of issues over the past several months, I really hope they get things fixed soon.

  2. WordPress-Akismet decided I was a spambot last year for a few months, and made all my comments spam, so I could not comment unless I had the blogger’s email address and could alert them- but I have had nothing lik this. I would be sorry to see you go.

    • I just spent the last ten minutes logging in here. It is not looking good. I would hate to go Clare but it is becoming increasingly irritating.

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