Seasons Greetings to All

Cartoon by John Lennon, donated by him for use in charity Christmas cards in 1966

Hello dears.  Firstly many apologies for my absence here.  Naughty Xandra!  That’s something I intend to rectify in the new year.  Possibly with even some photos of little me. 😉

So, now that the family feuds have been brought up again and the sprouts have been drank, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  I personally was with family in the Scottish highlands, and seeing my two Great-nephews (5 years and 1 year), who are ADORABLE.  I would like to say the highlands were beautiful on Christmas Day – I would like to say that but the gale force winds and torrential rain would make a liar of me.  Whatever.  A belated Happy Holidays to all.

So, I start a new job in the new year and I will also be campaigning hard for the forthcoming referendum on Scottish Independence, which I fully endorse.  Looks like it is going to be a busy year ahead for me – and a good one too.

I also intend to reconnect with my sisters and other friends here.  Here’s to a much closer relationship in the future.




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