A Case Of Identity

Poetry On A Roll

He was born a “she”.
She was born a “he”.
He said he was born in the wrong body.
She said the same thing.
They both just want to be free
(as humanly possible) to be themselves.

Right or wrong.
Acceptable or not.
Someone’s life is on the line.
They are trapped in confusion.

*Don't get me confused, I didn't write this to support the LGBT community. 
God is the final judgement on mankind and we will ALL be held accountable for our actions. Whether we are gay or straight. Whether we've told a lie or stolen. We are all sinners and will all have to stand before a righteous God and we will be judged. Changing who we are on the outside does not change how God made us. There is only male and female, no in-between. There was no confusion on His part when He made us. This…

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