Touting for Business

I see I have gathered a few followers who do not comment on my blogs, and when I go to look at who they are, they are using their blogs to push products or services.  No doubt my real friends and followers on here have experienced the same, with business people following them, who have absolutely no interest in their lives or what they have to say.

I have no doubt these people think if they follow us, we will go to see who they are and will thus be hooked and shall buy their products and/or services.  It is nothing more than yet another version of spamming.

A little word in your shell-likes, dears.  You are behaving like prostitutes touting for business.  And not nice ones either.  Rather you are the poor, sad, cheap doxies of Victorian London, who would do anything for money, no matter how degrading.

Read this and read it well to let it sink well in; I am never going to part with my hard-earned (and meagre) wages to you for your crap.  Even if you don’t respect me, I have far too much respect for myself, which is evidently more than you have.  And if you think that’s strong, I never asked for you to follow me and I can do well enough without the likes of you, so feel free to unfollow me – and make sure the door doesn’t hit you on the arse on the way out.

I have no problem with people who are not into the CD or LGBT lifestyle coming here, reading my blogs, and even making comments.  Indeed, I have legitimate followers who are cool with who I am and some of whom are curious.  They are welcome, as they respect me and I am happy to answer any questions they may have. 

But if you are even thinking of following me purely in the hope that you may just get a sale out of me, think again and steer well clear.  As we say in Scotland, ye must think I cam’ up the Clyde in a bananae boat.

I am not that stupid and your attempts to lure me in are an insult to my intelligence.


One thought on “Touting for Business

  1. Unfortunately, there are also people who follow, who do not have “Make money blogging!!!!!” blogs but who nevertheless want you to follow back, and never take any interest in one’s blog.

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