Full-length Female Bodysuits; a viable alternative for crossdressers, or just plain creepy?

RobyFemSkinAn interesting and controversial story I came across dears. The Metro (a free comic found on buses, masquerading as a newspaper) covered the story of Roby, a 70 year old crossdresser – and his full length female bodysuit.

Using archetypal gutter “journalism” the Metro covers the story of Rory, divorced and father of two daughters, who dons a full-length bodysuit, mask and wig, ordered from FemSkin; a company specialising in making these suits and who boast 40,000 customers worldwide.

Of course the story can’t help by taking a few jibes at crossdressers, with language like “sticky” and “But forget the big questions, such as what makes a grown man want to dress up as a doll in the first place” (none of your damned business, dear). I have to admit though, even when I opened the newspaper and saw the mask staring back at me, my brain having worked out that I was not looking at a blow-up sex doll, I almost jumped out of my own skin. Ye Gods and little fishes!

And I’m sorry if this offends anyone, dears, but to me that is what FemSkin’s products look just like – blow-up sex dolls, and ones which are not a little creepy at that. Looking at some of the pictures in the FemSkin gallery, I feel like I’m looking at stills from a porn version of the movie Magic, which you may recall was about a ventriliquist who believed his dummy was coming to life.

I do think that the blow-up doll analogy is also a valid one, for I cannot help but feel that these suits are sexualising the entire issue.  Certainly, the CD and TG lifestyles do indeed have a sexual dynamic to them, but as I have pointed out before, it is no more sexual than any other sexuality or gender identity.  Mostly we girls dress in pretty, feminine clothes to feel good about ourselves, just like any other woman, and actually just like anyone of any sexuality or gender dresses to feel good about and within themselves – without any sexual undertones feeding that.

Since I finally broke free of my male alter ego, I have made contact with a great many crossdresser and transgender people, and I know that they all, like myself, go to great pains to bring out their femininity.  My sisters here on WP, including Clare Flourish, Kira Moore, Micah, Katieinthehall, Teela Wild, Jessxdress, Valerie South, Rebecca Lee and Bobbie Stone (apologies if I missed anyone girls – my bad, it’s not intentional) are absolutely gorgeous, and I know for a fact it was not easy for any of them to achieve that (and no names dears but one or two are so lovely they bring out my green-eyed monster).  They certainly look a lot better than a Marks & Spencers mannequin which has apparently just come to life.

Or am I being too catty here?  If discovering my sexuality and gender identity has taught me anything, it is never to be too judgemental of others.  I realise that every CD / TG person needs to feel glamorous, and fully realise that for some men that can be more of an uphill struggle than others.  Certainly it cannot be easy at all for those of advancing years like poor Roby.  Hell, there are times I spend ages trying to get rid of five o’clock shadow – and the least said about my nasal and ear hair the better; and that’s at my age (don’t even go there – it’s rude to ask a lady her age).

So one part of me tells me that FemSkin have merely identified a market and are supplying a product for which there is indeed a demand and possibly even a need I dare say.  The other, more cynical, side of me tells me that they are exploiting people desaparate to explore their femininity.

And at the end of the day, and this is purely me dears, these bodysuits and masks just look wrong.  I find them very far from glamorous, and sorry Roby Love, but rather than being at all aesthetically pleasing, they just make my skin crawl.  You certainly would never get me in one.

So, what say you, reader?  Tell me your thoughts.

Links to the story and the FemSkin website here:



4 thoughts on “Full-length Female Bodysuits; a viable alternative for crossdressers, or just plain creepy?

  1. They documented this back in ’78, it’s called the Uncanny Valley. If something tries to pass as genuine and it isn’t absolutely perfect, a disproportionate psychological revulsion kicks in. That’s why certain animated films do not do very well at the box office. And it is also a hurdle that Ts face. A lot of them make it over.

  2. Penetratable rectum and catheter kit. Er…

    I haven’t worn a mask since childhood fancy dress, but I find masks for balls rather attractive. Not these masks, though.

  3. Yeeaahhhh… uh… NO! I am usually totally accepting of almost anything, but this beyond me. Presenting as the opposite sex is one thing, but hiding behind a mask/suit is just too creepy for me. It’s kind of like something out of a bad “B” horror movie.

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