No Man Has Ever Given Me Flowers

$$-AAAARoseWoman(Inspired by and dedicated to Stefani)

No man has ever given me flowers,
no bunch of roses,
nor simple posies,
no violets nor carnations.

No man has talked to me for hours,
with witty chat,
of this and that,
without sexual connotations.

No man has seen me as a lady,
never asked me to dance,
or tried some romance;
they think my morals must be spurious.

They think I must be an easy lay;
a ladyboy,
or a sexual toy,
for some guy who is bi-curious.

I may well be a sexual being;
I’m not an object,
to get you erect,
and bring you satisfaction.

Realise I have gentler feelings.
I won’t give head or rear,
to some closet queer,
who’s just looking for some action.

If I want sex, I’ll ask for sex.
but if you want to do me,
you need to woo me;
show some gentleness and charm.

So all you men, show some respect;
treat me as a human,
see me as a woman,
and the lady I truly am.

© Alexandra Durward, 2015

2 thoughts on “No Man Has Ever Given Me Flowers

  1. This is so romantic. I would give you flowers. I am a romantic at heart. I’ve never had sex before, so it’s not like I’d have any underlying motives. I’ve been waiting for the right one. And when I do find the right one, I will do everything to make them feel very special and ensure they feel safe long before any physical intimacy ensues.

  2. I love it! You captured everything so eloquently, and I’m touched. You have an amazing way with words. Thank you. 🙂

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