Crossdressing and Sexual Fetishism


A fetish?  My arse!

They are rarely one and the same thing.

This article is about sex, and will probably be one of most read articles, and for some, probably one of the most disappointing. I warn the reader now that I shall make reference to sexual acts; heterosexual, homosexual, and fetishistic ~ some of which may shock and / or disgust some. And if you feel you may be offended, look away now. For all others who are adult enough to read about intimate acts without reaching for the sick bag / getting all moralistic / going into giggle mode, please read on.

I once remarked in a previous article that there is a sexual dynamic to crossdressing, and added that the sex can be fantastic, and I fully stand by that statement. However, there are those who try to claim that all crossdressers are sexual fetishtists, or even perverts. Not only is this untrue, but as to the sexual dynamic attached to crossdressing, I say so what, would like to know just what business it is of the accuser, and would ask them who gave them the right to judge?

If crossdressing was merely a sexual fetish, then consider that there are some men who go well out of their way and spend a small fortune on their fetish. I am talking about those people, assigned male, who actively pursue a female persona, even to the point of going out in public dressed and made up as a woman. That is a far cry from the guy who waits until his female spouse is out then dons her lingerie for a wank. I look at some of my sisters here in the WordPress crossdressing community who are absolutely gorgeous and who maintain their female persona as much as possible. Some go for nights out with “the girls”, some even go to weekend meet-ups with other crossdressers. This includes going to bars and clubs, and other social events, where sex may ~ of may not ~ become part of these encounters. If it does, then who is anyone to judge? Tell me, would you equally condemn two gay men meeting up for sex?

There are of course some men for whom crossdressing is purely a sexual fetish, but I don’t see how anyone can really condemn that either. I will admit I do my best to avoid guys like this, because in trying to be an actual physical pain in my arse, they merely end up being a metaphorical one. I seek out online groups and individuals who take crossdressing seriously as part of their psyche, so when I’m trying to discuss crossdressing thus, the last thing I want is some creepy guy begging me for pics of my cock and arsehole in lingerie (and / or sending me pics of theirs), or saying how much they would like to suck and fuck me. Attention, any such guys; it is far from flattering, and all you are doing for my libido is reducing it to zero (particularly if you don’t shave your legs – eughhh!). Or to put another way, you should be so bloody lucky. Yet, if there are guys feel the need to don female underwear to masturbate, then I am certainly not going to condemn it. Given that is exactly how I and many other crossdressers started to explore our femininity, and given I still wank in lingerie, then it would be completely hypocritical for me to point the finger at others for doing the same. The persona and gender may not be the same, but the sexuality certainly is. But even if I were not a crossdresser, I still wouldn’t condemn it, for the simple facts that a, it is doing nobody any harm, and b, it’s none of my damned business.

I actually wonder however, just how many of sexually fetishistic crossdressers are in fact heterosexual. The Kinsey study on human sexuality determined that the overwhelming majority of crossdressing males are in fact heterosexual, and many charities and support groups stand by that study. Yet Kinsey’s findings are coming up for 70 years old, and while it covered gender identity in as limited the way it could in those unenlightened days, it never mentioned gender fluidity as a concept, because it was unknown of at the time. I had not even heard of it myself most of my adult life, and if you go to earlier articles of mine, you will find me claiming to be a bisexual and cisgender male. Imagine how much a bolt from the blue it came to me when I realised that I am in fact genderqueer (I prefer that term to the much more boring “genderfluid”), as well as pansexual ~ another concept unheard of in Kinsey’s time. I wonder then just how many fetishtic crossdressers are in fact genderqueer, and possibly pansexual, or at the least bisexual. Yet by equal measure, there are crossdressers who are indeed otherwise cishet, whose female partners wholly support them, and who have fantastic sex, with both wearing “female” attire.  Jammy bastards!

What I am getting at here is that there are none of us should condemn the sexual fetishes of another, so long as they do not harm another human being ~ particularly children ~ or any animal. We all have our own particular sexual peccadilloes (should that be peccadildoes?) and kinks (yes you do, dear ~ you can lie to me all you want, but don’t lie to yourself), which we would be the first to take umbrage at others condemning. Therefore, so long as they are not hurting others or animals, show others the same respect.

There is a huge gamut of sexual behaviours which could fill a dictionary from A to Z, from Anilingus to Zoophilia, and that which turns one on often leaves others quite, quite cold. I for instance once dabbled with BDSM, and while what I partook of was quite fun, I could never count myself part of the “lifestyle”, because it is a lifestyle. Although I am sometimes a very naughty girl who needs (and thoroughly enjoys) being thrown across someone’s lap, my skirt pulled up, my panties pulled down, and given a good hard spanking until my arse glows red. I also enjoy being bound and helpless, to be used as a sex toy. But could I ever get into the gimp suits, ball gags, being dragged around on a leash by a mistress or master, etc? Not in a million years. And NOBODY is coming near my naked body with anything sharp or hot ~ I’m way too much of a coward for that.

Similarly, when I was younger I was very promiscuous and had a penchant for gay sex in public places, which included me once sucking a guy’s cock up a back street in broad daylight, where anyone could have caught us at any time. The danger of doing such a thing was part of thrill for me and to this day the very thought of sex in public gets me going. But even in private there are few places my fingers, tongue and cock have not been on and in both male and female partners ~ who have explored my body with equal intimacy. I am not ashamed of that, and do not see why I should be; in fact, I thoroughly enjoy it, am proud of it, and I view the whole human body ~ male, female, intersex, transgender, genderqueer ~ as one huge erogenous zone to be explored as intimately and as thoroughly as possible ~ outside and inside ~ in as many fun ways as possible. I have had sex with men and women from those in their late teens to the elderly, sucked more cock than I have eaten pussy (and I love both), done things and had things done to me which would positively disgust some, and enjoyed every moment of it, and intend to enjoy fingering, licking, sucking and fucking every orifice with partners of various ages, genders and sexualities for a good time to come. And before anyone reaches for the sick bucket and attempts to condemn me, examine your own sexual behaviours and experiences, and ask yourself if you can honestly say you are in any position to judge? No? No; thought not.

However, if there are some self-righteous, holier-than-thou cishet bastards who have sex occasionally with their opposite-gender partner in the missionary position who think that does somehow give them the right to judge, I’ll remind you that I did warn you at the top of this article what it was going to be like, and I’ll add what a boring bastard you must be. Nobody’s interested in your opinion, least of all me.

Getting back to the main crux of this article, that of crossdressing and its sexual dynamic, I have seen some transgender people condemn crossdressers as sexually fetishistic “drag queens”, “trannies”, etc, and claiming that we diminish the hard-fought for rights of transgender people by claiming to identify with being trans. Nothing could be further from the truth. If those who claim that would care to examine my profile and those of my crossdressing sisters here on WordPress, or anywhere else for that matter, you will be hard pushed to find anyone of us who would ever attempt to define ourselves as transgender. Yes, there are those who claim that crossdressers come under the “transgender umbrella”. I wholly reject that, as I am sure most other crossdressers do. I will never understand what it is to be transgender, for the simple fact that I am not. But then, by equal measure transgender people cannot even begin to imagine what it is to be genderqueer, for exactly the same reasons. Yet, if you look at the claims of the “transgender umbrella”, then you will find that genderqueer people are included as well. When you look at it in those terms then I am sure that, like me, you will begin to question whether the transgender umbrella concept was dreamt up by a cisgender heterosexual (more than likely a cishet man at that).

And should any transgender person try to claim that their gender is natural but crossdressing is a lifestyle choice, I will say do not be so bloody ignorant. Do you think I choose to be a crossdressing genderqueer pansexual? Do you think similar of every one of my crossdressing sisters here on WordPress, or elsewhere? Do excuse me, but just when did you become the expert on my gender and sexuality? You are not, and never can be. Nor are you the expert on anyone else’s; no more than anyone else is or can be the expert upon your gender and sexuality.

For those transgender people who do thus condemn crossdressers, consider that you are in fact feeding into a bigoted cishet agenda. The same agenda which says that “men should be real men” (and women should be real women), which sees some women emasculate, cuckold and hurt crossdressers by flaunting ‘real men’ in their faces, which degrades and condemns crossdressers as perverts, which still treats crossdressing in men as ‘abnormal’ and a ‘disease’ to be treated, which sees crossdressers arrested, threatened, actually beaten up, even murdered ~ with the approval of most of cishet society ~ and which ultimately can lead to depression and suicide.

And remember that those in the cishet majority who condemn crossdressers all too often equally condemn and persecute all of the LGBT+ community. If there is one thing that really galls me it is LGBT+ infighting, because it is doing the job of cishet bigots for them. Ultimately, while we all have differences within the community, our fight is your fight ~ and vice versa.  If anyone is diminishing transgender rights, it is yourself, along with my rights, and those of every other LGBT+ person.

Human beings are fickle creatures in the terms of sexuality, be we genderqueer, trangender, intersex, asexual, or indeed cisgender. None, not one of us, has the right to condemn the sexual behaviours of others, so long as the sex is consensual, does not hurt others, and especially does not harm children and animals. Just as not one is the expert on the gender of another, and thereby has absolutely no right to condemn them for that gender.

So let’s forget about differences of others, never be afraid to experiment with whatever or whoever you fancy, do whatever pleases you to the point you are satiated, completely drained, cross-eyed, and with a silly smile it takes a good while to recover from, along with the ability to form a coherent sentence.

The final thought goes to the immortal words of The Stories;

If it feels good;
If it feels good;
do it (yeah);
do it (yeah);
do it (yeah);
do it!

9 thoughts on “Crossdressing and Sexual Fetishism

  1. For me I think my desire to wear beautiful clothes became fetishised by my suppression of that desire. Its the fact that beautiful clothes are only made for women in our fuckedupness that makes me a crossdresser. I just want to look and feel as beautiful as possible.

    • Well yes, and no. Among my male attire I have some very flambouyant shirts, which just shout “FABULOUS”. And one interesting item I have is a genuine Indian kaftan shirt, which appears VERY feminine to western eyes, yet cishet Indian men go about in shirts like that every day.

      So yes, maybe it’s western fuckedupness (love it).

      But generally, you are correct; in our need to feel beautiful, people like you and I naturally turn to ‘female’ clothes, because they are designed and made “pretty”.

  2. Interesting o read your perspective on this. As a heterosexual man, I have worn female clothes on occasions. However, I don’t really see myself as a cross-dresser. For me it is sex- related. In some of my own solo fantasies, I play the girl (I don’t regard these as homosexual, funnily enough, but that is another matter.) It helps greatly to know from first hand experience what it’s like to wear female clothes, in order to immerse myself in the experience. Also, by using my own body, I can touch and grope as I like.

    For me, wearing female clothes is NOT a direct mastrubation aid. It is mostly a rather low level titillation affair. I generally just like to sit about, caressing the material. Something I can’t do in real life.

    I am not interested in wearing women’s clothes in public. For me it is a private thing. I actually have a number of philosophical theories as to why people cross-dress. But that is not for this reply.

    • What an intriguing response.

      It does not surprise me at all that you are a cishet man who does on occasion wear women’s clothes. I believe I did say that the Kinsey report found that the overwhelming majority of men who do so were cisgender and heterosexual.

      Neither does your description of playing the girl or titillation surprise me either. There’s not one person on the face of the planet who is 100% one gender or sexuality, but merely varying degrees (I’m a great believer in everyone being on a sexuality spectrum). Think about it; regardless of biological sex, we all have both testosterone and eostrogen in our systems to varying degrees, which affect both our physicality and our psyche (in fact if anyone WAS 100% male or female, their body would be in a shitload of trouble). So yes, I would say that you can be a straight man and still fantasise about being the girl.

      I was just thinking while typing this that you may be a ‘freedresser’, but then I don’t particularly like to pigeonhole people (especially if I don’t know them), and that your wearing of female clothes appears to be purely fetishstic, I don’t think that would apply to you anyway.

      Human beings are fickle creatures, and we are never more fickle when it comes to matters of sexuality. If you go right back to my first articles, you’ll find me claiming to be cisgender and heterosexual. That was before I pulled my head out of my ass and owned up to myself that I am in fact genderfluid and pansexual. Not saying that you may be in denial, just giving that as an example of how just fickle people can be – and even I am not immune to that. No-one is.

      But as you say, for you it is a private thing, if it brings you pleasure, then I am pleased for you, and after all, if you are not harming others, it’s frankly none of their bloody business.

  3. Hi. How useful is the term cishet? When, as you suggest almost no one really is? We are all on the spectrum of gender and sexuality. Gender fluid is the term used to describe the realisation that the gender normative tokes ascribed by our society no longer fit me. I’ve recently discovered my own gender fluidity and life is so much more everything. I’m not an anti label freak. In fact I often end up arguing for labels but cishet challenges me. Probably because I would have, wrongly, labelled myself as that for most of my life!:-/.x. Thanks for the opportunity to discuss this. You seem well informed. X

    • Hi Robin, and sorry for the delay in replying.

      As I say, I really don’t like pigeonholing or labelling people, and you make a very valid point.

      I use these terms however purely because they are useful, and I think it comes down to how the individual feels. I like to describe myself as ‘genderqueer’ for instance, which some genderfluid people deeply object to.

      If anyone identifies themself as cisgender (“cis”=comfortable in skin) and heterosexual, as the overwhelming majority of the population do, then I see little choice but to go with the cishet label, and it is certainly useful for describing the attitudes of the majority, be they outright bigots, or hapless allies who try to help, but don’t quite get it.

      But certainly, that we are all on spectrums of both gender and sexuality, it is ever useful to remind the majority of that, and that ‘cishet’ to all purpose and intent, is an inaccurate term.

      Perhaps one day it and all other labels shall be consigned to the dustbin of history. But I don’t see that coming in my lifetime, or yours.

      I am so happy for you that you have discovered your gender fluidity and your life is now more fulfilling. And thank you for your kinds words. xx

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