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Cartoonist Sophie Labelle tells the Trans Advocate of Neo-Nazi attacks

10887151_349427518572852_6878044040955739326_oMy favourite transgender cartoonist Sophie Labelle, creator of Assigned Male Comics and colouring books which challenge gender stereotypes and teach children that it is normal to be whoever they are, has made it to the Trans Advocate.

Sadly, it is because of the attacks that Sophie has suffered from transphobes, TERFs, and more recently Neo-Nazis.  I have personally seen some of the attacks the lovely Sophie has been subjected to, including death threats, and believe me they make me pale ~ and I don’t scare easily.  So how she keeps that pretty face smiling speaks volumes of the courage of this beautiful young lady.

Earlier this year her Facebook page was cloned by Neo-Nazis posting transphobic hate messages.

Assigned Male Comics surrounds the life of a little transgender girl, Stephie, who like all good cartoon characters, finds a special place in your heart where she will stay with you forever.

Link to the Trans Advocate article:


Let little Stephie steal your heart away

10887151_349427518572852_6878044040955739326_oSophie Labelle informs about transgender issues – through cartooning

Hello dears, following an earlier post about her, cartoonist Sophie Labelle has very kindly given me permission to copy her artwork here to promote her work.

Sophie draws a cartoon strip I follow on Facebook, “Assigned Male – A webcomic about a transgender girl”  The cartoon follows the life of Stephie, a little trans girl and her struggles with the perceptions of others, some of which is based on the artist’s own life experiences.  Stephie can make you laugh one moment, cry the next; reading the comic you can go from joy to anger, and back to joy, in just a few panels.  Like all good cartoon characters, Stephie finds a way into your heart, and stays there for good.

The work Sophie Labelle is doing is quite fantastic, as she is using the medium of cartooning on social media to deliver positive messages and inform people about transgender people, as well as tackling other political gender issues.


Ultimately Sophie, through Stephie and her other wonderful characters, informs about gender issues, corrects mistaken perceptions and misconceptions about trans people, challenges bigotry and gender dichotomies, and reinforcing the message that all genders are valid, with bold statements such as “I am the expert of my own gender identity” – now there’s a truth everyone, regardless of gender, can identify with.

Cartoon strips apart, Sophie Labelle has other works available, including A Short Guide for the inclusion of trans, intersex and gender non-conforming youth in the classroom, for which her school has recently given her a scholarship to put into printed form.  My own particular favourites though have to be Surprise Box and Penguins Won’t Judge; colouring books which teach children (and some adults) that everyone is different and there is no shame in being so.

And this is why I champion Sophie Labelle so much dears.  I have no personal contacts to her, I just believe in what she is doing and that the way she is doing it has massive potential to reach a wider audience, and thereby inform and educate about gender issues.

Assigned Male and other works by Sophie Labelle can be found on Facebook, Tumblr and Etsy.  Come along and have a look, and let her steal your heart away too:




Those wishing to sponsor Sophie Labelle can do so on Patreon:


Assigned Male – Stephie has stolen my heart

Hi Loves.  Just a quick word about a webcomic I’ve been following, “Assigned Male” by Canadian cartoonist Sophie Labelle.

The heroine of the cartoon is Stephie, a 10 year old who is a trans girl.  The cartoon addresses the various issues that the trans community face, as well as combatting cisgender privilege and correcting the mistaken attitudes towards trans people.

I have totally fallen in love with Stephie.  As a good cartoon character should do, she has stolen my heart away.  I’m sure many of my friends on here will likewise adore her.

Assigned Male can be found on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.  Please give them a visit and support Sophie Labelle’s wonderful cartoons and artwork.