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A Single Rose for Nathan

ImageA single rose for Nathan,
that’s what we all should give;
to show love and understanding,
for the life he could not live.

To say sorry for the torture
that mankind put him through;
a single rose for Nathan;
it’s the least that we can do.

For when the mind can go no further
to meet what others demand,
when the quality of life is gone,
and no-one else can understand.

For the future which he could not face,
with more horrors than death’s jaws,
a single rose for Nathan;
for the man he truly was.

For the single rose says so much more,
than the dozen could ever impart.
It shows we care more deeply,
and speaks from the very heart.

So may each and every one of us
show respect and loving thought,
with a single rose for Nathan;
who finally found the peace he sought.

(In memoriam, Nathan Verhelst, 1969-2013, who opted for Euthanasia, rather than face life after his gender reassignment went wrong)