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Equal Marriage now in Scots Law – and first weddings take place

1027775843Same-sex partners convert to Marriage – and more rights for transgender people too

I am sure all my followers will join me in wishing Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster, and Scott and David Barclay in becoming the historic first same-sex couples to become married under Scots Law.

From midnight Tuesday 16 December it became legal for same-sex couples to give intention to marry, giving the usual 15 day notice, which means that actual wedding ceremonies will take place on Hogmany (31 December to the uninitiated).

However an option within the Marriage and Civil Partenership (Scotland) Act means that couples already in civil partnerships would have the option to convert that to marriage from 16 December.  Scott and David were the first to take advantage of this generous clause within Scotland.  The first couple do so however were Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster, who married at the British Consulate in Melbourne, Australia, taking advantage of the fact that the new law includes some UK embassies abroad.

Also from 16 December the marriages of foreign same-sex couples will be fully recognised, married transgender people will not have to divorce the person they love before they are allowed to have the gender they live as recognised in law, there is no ‘spousal veto’ on gender recognition in Scotland, meaning any transperson seeking legal recognition will be fully respected without objection from their spouse.

The first actual same-sex wedding will be that of civil partners Susan and Gerrie Douglas-Scott, which will take place on 31 December 2014, to which First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, and Co-Convenor of the Scottish Green Party, Patrick Harvie MSP, have been invited to be witnesses.

The couples mentioned were only the first of many to take advantage of this new legislation, among the most progressive in the world, and I equally wish them my heartiest congratulations and best wishes.


Xandra xxx


Loving who I am more than ever

Two years of Xandra on WordPress

Hello darlings.

Those lovely people at WordPress recently made me aware that I have now been blogging here for two years now.  During that time, I have changed a little, and I would say very much for the better.

Blogging as Xandra has put me much more in touch with my sexuality, and just exactly who and what I am.  I did state back in 2012 that I was a heterosexual crossdresser.  I now that not to be the truth and that I was then still firmly in denial.  I now know myself to be pansexual, capable of loving all genders and sexualities.  Sigh.  I suppose my DVDs with Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, and other such pretty boy actors is more than a giveaway.  Not that a nice girl like me would ever admit to fantasising about being spanked by Johnny Depp, or anything like that…

I still stand by what I did say in one blog, however; it’s not penises which repel me, but rather what they are attached to.  Stupid men.  Mostly brutal, thick, unthinking, and far more prejudiced than most women.

I also realise that I still very much carry the scars of the sexual abuse I suffered as a child, and coming here has helped me cope with that to a great deal.  At one point I thought that my gender identity and sexuality may be as a result of that abuse and still felt guilt about that.  Having read the blogs of others, however, I now understand that this is not the case, and I have nothing to be ashamed of.  It has therefore been therapeutic and given me the courage to accept myself, to be proud of myself, as a pansexual, a crossdresser, and a highly sexual individual.

I have also made some wonderful friends here, particularly among fellow crossdressers and trans people, as well as others in the LGBTIQ community, and my love goes out to each and very one of you.  Another positive to come out of this is that it has reinforced my view that as we are all sexual people, with our own dispositions, there is not one person has the right to judge the sexuality of another.  So long as no-one is hurting a child or an animal, and is engaging in fully consensual sex, whatever that be, then all sexualities have equal validity and should be accorded equal respect.

I said when I started blogging that my lifestyle was a journey which I was still trying to fully understand.  I stand by that, and doubt I shall ever fully understand it.  I no longer attempt to, I am only happy to accept it.  There are times I have made mistakes, and I realise I am by no means perfect (I know – that surprised me too),  I like to think however that where I have been in error, I have learned from others.  Equally, I like to think that I have in my own little way helped to inform and educate others.

And so the journey continues.  Here’s to the past two years, and the many years yet to come, when I hope to continue to debate, learn, inform, and make more lovely girlfriends on WordPress (Hmm, some boyfriends too, maybe?  Pretty boys only need apply).


Xandra xxx

Misleading Anti-Transgender Newspaper Ads Spark Outrage in Minnesota | Blog | Media Matters for America

Many thanks to the lovely Kira Moore for bringing this to our attention, Loves. Minnesota Child Protection League – a bunch of anti-LGBT bigots masquerading as a pro-child group.
Below also is the link to their website. For a group who claim to be anti-bullying, they are opposing an anti-bullying Bill, because it recognises inclusivity of sexualities and genders, and calls for comprehensive sex education.

Kira Moore's Closet

Minn papers 20141201


Misleading Anti-Transgender Newspaper Ads Spark Outrage in Minnesota | Blog | Media Matters for America:

“A controversial ad that ran in three Minnesota newspapers this weekend opposing a statewide transgender rights school policy is being criticized for misleading readers with false, fear-based claims about student treatment.

The full-page ad, placed by the Minnesota Child Protection League, depicts a female ballplayer with the headline: ‘THE END OF GIRLS’ SPORTS?’

The MCPL, an anti-LGBT organization focused on education, is targeting a new proposed policy that would allow transgender high school student athletes to play on the teams that correspond to their gender identity if they provide sufficient documentation that they either intend to transition or are currently transitioning. “


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